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Album cover for Backward Tractor Motion, Queen Daxene's first album
Album cover for Barnstormer, Queen Daxene's second album

Debut album, Backward Tractor Motion, was released in 2018 and made the Bucket Heads Top 10 albums of 2018.  Listen to sample tracks HERE and the full album HERE

Some of the reviews HERE

New album, Barnstormer, was recorded in London from 2019 to 2023.  It’s out now and available to stream on Apple Music and Spotify. 
Listen to sample tracks HERE and the full album HERE

CD available from QD own store.

“For once, I feel as if I have plucked an undiscovered gem.”

“There is not one moment on this debut that ISN’T a hook!”


“There is so much gold to be dug up here it’s ridiculous!”

“They are a treasure waiting to be discovered.” 


Shawn Thicke 

Bucket List

The Bucket Heads Top 10 of 2018


“There are so many great songs that have iconic quality to them.”

“This is the future.”

“I wanted to thank them for this album. Being a music critic, every once in a while I get this horrifying thought that one day the world will run out of original sounding music and everything will just be a callback to something else. Albums like Backward Tractor Motion tame that irrational thought immediately.”

4.0 out of 5 
Rebecca Rothschild 
Divide & Conquer



Album cover for Barnstormer, Queen Daxene's second album
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